Welcome to the FAN Club?


Most of us aren’t tween/teen girls, so why a FAN Club?
Well, thank you for visiting and WELCOME! We hope you’ve gotten to know Curtis/CJ a little more … To see that he’s young but tenacious … In the face of a disease that eludes bright minds, he perseveres and never gives in.
Let Curtis invite you on this journey, to be a FAN, a Fighter Against Neuroblastoma. This FAN Club is about individuals and communities banding together for the next Curtis – the next child who faces the same fight and who hopefully will win because of your support, your concern and your knowledge.
Are you in?


One thought on “Welcome to the FAN Club?

  1. I can’t believe that there are two such amaznig moms out there .. her strength mirrors yours, Amber. You are both warriors, fighting a battle that most moms will never have any idea about. You both are inspiring. Your children are so lucky to have women in their lives that they can admire, and learn from. And, it seems as though both of you moms are equally lucky to have two amaznig children that you can learn from as well. Keep strong. We think of you often.

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