Kagami Biraki 2012

The first important event held each year by Mississauga Chito-Ryu Karate, the school where Curtis learned Karate since age 6. Kagami Biraki is a Japanese ceremony which translates “to look in the mirror”. It is a time for students and senseis to celebrate their accomplishments in 2011 through skill demonstrations and to look forward to improving as martial artists in 2012.
Proceeds from the event had traditionally been used towards various good causes. In 2012, the school decided to raise money for Curtis Chow Memorial Fund. They have been supportive throughout CJ’s journey and embraced his fighting spirit.
Curtis, along with Charis and Dad, had actively participated in Biraki the last few years. Though he was not able to physically attend this year, his senseis bestowed him the honour of 1st Degree Black Belt during the annual Belt Presentation at the event.
Head Instructor Sensei Willie recalled his visit with Curtis at Sick Kids last June when Curtis talked about continuing his Karate training once he was able to get out of the hospital. His senseis believed he would be able to achieve his Black Belt had he gotten more time. As an ultimate recognition, Charis and Dad accepted the Black Belt on CJ’s behalf.
Our family was deeply touched once again by the generosity of Mississauga Chito-Ryu Karate. Getting his Black Belt was one of CJ’s dreams and we know he would be excited and grateful about this honour.
$1,083 was raised towards Neuroblastoma research from this event. Thank you Mississauga Chito-Ryu Karate!