366 days…

8,784 hours…

527,040 minutes…

31,622,400 seconds…

since Curtis Chow Memorial Fund was set up

of love & loss painfully intertwined

while the fighting spirit lives on – with your help

$79,234 has been raised + $75,000 has been matched

THANK YOU – for keeping CJ’s wish & memories alive

We are 8,784 hours / 366 days & $154,234 closer to defeating Neuroblastoma

We count on your continuous support as we embark on YEAR 2


We shall remain nameless…


I was talking to another parent who had also lost a child. It occurred to us during our conversation that there is no name given to people in the same boat as us.

For those who have lost other significant loved ones, there are commonly accepted names. We call a child who has lost a parent an orphan, a woman whose husband has passed away as a widow and a man who suffered the loss of his wife as a widower.

Children are supposed to outlive their parents, and their grandparents most definitely. The concept of a parent losing their child is so unnatural, so outrageous, so hard-to-grasp that there is not one in over 250,000 words of the English language to describe us. Language is simply inadequate in the face of such loss.

While I remain nameless with this new life-long status, I am hoping the work supported by Curtis’ fund will help stop the violation to the natural order of things – it will prevent yet another parent from becoming nameless…


Welcome to the FAN Club?


Most of us aren’t tween/teen girls, so why a FAN Club?
Well, thank you for visiting and WELCOME! We hope you’ve gotten to know Curtis/CJ a little more … To see that he’s young but tenacious … In the face of a disease that eludes bright minds, he perseveres and never gives in.
Let Curtis invite you on this journey, to be a FAN, a Fighter Against Neuroblastoma. This FAN Club is about individuals and communities banding together for the next Curtis – the next child who faces the same fight and who hopefully will win because of your support, your concern and your knowledge.
Are you in?