Curtis Chow Memorial Fund

Curtis Chow Memorial Fund was created in July 2011 to continue Curtis’ fight against Neuroblastoma. We invite family, friends and communities to join the journey by helping fund leading edge research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

It was determined at the time of its establishment that the fund will first be used to create an experimental therapeutic program called NuMedKids. Its goal is to develop tools for early detection of cancer recurrence in patients and new personalized treatment strategies targeting these rare types of recurrences.

As a result of the overwhelming support received for the fund, the Garron Family Cancer Centre has generously agreed to match dollar-for-dollar all donations up to $75,000 – to allow this important new program to begin as soon as possible.

With your ongoing support, Curtis Chow Memorial Fund’s continuous goal is to seek out most promising opportunities in treatment and funding match to reach the day when children with Neuroblastoma can beat the disease!


CCMF YEAR 1 (July 2011 – June 2012)

Response has been amazing!

Amongst the most noteworthy were the Curtis Chow Memorial Walk organized by his 2 schools that raised over $20,000, his Karate Club’s fundraiser, and various events held at his primary school throughout the year. As a result, our Year 1 goal of $50,000 has increased to $75,000, with matching funds of the same amount that doubled the value of each donation. The 1st year ended with more than $79,000 to help start NuMedKids at SickKids.

NuMedKids is a new portfolio in Dr. Sylvain Baruchel’s experimental therapeutic program, with an initial $100,000 budget from the Curtis Chow Memorial Fund and the Garron Family Cancer Centre match.

  • NuMedKids Program Goals:
  • develop new tools for early detection of Neuroblastoma recurrence
  • new treatment strategies targeting these rare types of recurrence
  • design treatment “sur mesure” – personalized medicine that it is only pertinent to specific patient’s tumour


Although still in its early days, we’re happy to share key progress that has been made.

1. A specialized technician for the project has been hired

2. An organization plan was put in place

3. Approval was given for use of radioactive agent

4. Feasibility and detailed procedures for animal imaging with radioactive agent have been confirmed

5. Research with Neuroblastoma caner cell lines is in progress – information will be potentially used in the future as biomarkers to select patient population

6. Work with Pathology on patients’ tumor samples to estimate the population of NB patients who would potentially benefit from the novel treatment

7. Preliminary data to be collected in preparation for future grant application


CCMF YEAR 2 (July 2012 – June 2013)

New Goal – Thanks to tremendous support for the Curtis Chow Memorial Fund, as of July 2012, our 1st year goal of $75,000 has been met and the same amount was matched by the Garron Family Cancer Centre for a total of $150,000 to invest in Neuroblastoma research. $100,000 has already been transferred to support the NuMedKids (nuclear medicine research) program at SickKids

We believe there is much more that can be done to invite more people to join this fight. We’re hoping to raise another $75,000 in 2012 to further advance research and treatment for neuroblastoma. Your generosity will also enable researchers and medical experts to seek matching funds from various agencies – so your generosity can continue to be multiplied!

New Project – Year 2 goal of another $75,000

  • It will support a 1st ever international Phase I clinical trial conducted both in Canada (drive by SickKids) and in Europe
  • This clinical trial will focus on a new combination of drugs which has shown very promising results in the lab for treating children with recurrent Neuroblastoma – the main challenge of the disease
  • Pioneering an international study is a significant step towards future collaboration to eventually finding a cure for the disease
  • Matching funds will also be requested to support this comprehensive research study